What You need To Know before Listing Your Home

Before you list your home, ask yourself: Is the house ready to sell? How do I set the price? How much am I going to net? Why do I need an agent?

An agent has the experience and knowledge to help you make decisions that fit your needs. 

Listing Price

Consider comparable properties in your area and current market conditions. You want to attract ready, willing and able buyers.  Our Agents will help you look at other homes for sale in your neighborhood, including ones that have recently sold or gone under contract. These are your competition!

Do you want to simply list your home, or do you want to SELL it? There is a difference!  

Things to Consider When Setting Your Listing Price

- How quickly you need to sell.

- The amount of competition in your area.

- The sale and listing prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood


Things to NOT Consider When Setting Your Listing Price

- What you paid for your home (prices are determined by today's market.)

- Any investments you've made in improvements.

- Emotional attachment.

- The opinions of friends and neighbors.



Now It's Time To Sit Back And Let Us Market Your Home!